About Us

Our Approach

Mid-Minnesota EMS Education recognizes that every organization is unique and has its own set of emergency medical education requirements. Our course offerings are flexible in content to meet your needs as well as state and national training requirements. We recognize that traditional nine-to-five training might not meet the needs of many organizations and provide scheduling flexibility to provide courses when it is conventient for your schedule.

Our Story

Mid-Minnesota EMS Education, Inc. was founded inĀ  with the idea of providing emergency medical education that is current and relevant to healthcare providers and the general public.

The founders had over 40 years of combined experience in Emergency Medical Services, Fire Service and Healthcare. Additionally they had over 20 years of combined experience as pre-hospital care educators.

With this experience and goal in mind, the founders began offering CPR and First Aid courses to the general public and corporate entities while gaining approval from the Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board as an approved education agency. Once this approval was granted in the spring of 2017, Mid-Minnesota EMS Education began offering Emergency Medical Responder training as well as Emergency Medical Technician recertification training to Fire Departments, First Responder Squads, and Ambulance Services in West Central Minnesota.

Mid Minnesota EMS Education is constantly evaluating the needs of its clients and creating new programs to facilitate those needs.

Meet The Crew

Wayne Stephens

Nationally Registered EMT, MInnesota Certified Emergency Manager, American Heart Association Training Center Faculty, US DOT Instructor

Mike Scott

Nationally Registered Paramedic, American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor

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